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A hinge-down loft trap door is an essential part of having loft ladder.  If your existing loft hatch doesn't already have a hinge-down loft trap door (or it is poorly fitted and about to fall off the hinges), we here at Loft Smart - Rapid Response Loft Ladders have fabulous news for you...  A new upgraded hinge-down loft trap door is included FREE with all loft ladders we install.

That's right, there a NO hidden extra charges here and the good news doesn't just stop there!  Not only do we include a FREE hinge-down loft trap door plus use upgraded fixings to install both your loft ladder and new door but, instead of using cheap MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard), all of our loft doors are constructed from far superior PLYWOOD.


The reason we construct our loft doors from plywood is quite simply, we want to do the best job for our customers as possible.  Plywood is a far more superior timber than MDF, it allows us to get far superior fixings and health and safety is always at the forefront of our mind.  We believe 'if a job is worth doing, it is worth doing right' and by using a far superior product, at no extra cost to our customers, is a job well done in our book! 


If your loft hatch is metal or plastic and it already has a hinge-down trap door, then that is perfect for a loft ladder.  If your existing metal or plastic loft hatch only has a cover (it pushes up into the loft), then a timber 'reline' will be required.  This is where we remove all of the plastic or metal hatch and reconstruct it with timber.  This includes new timber architrave frame work.  The additional price for a timber reline is £45 all inclusive and allows us to hang your new, FREE, upgrade plywood loft trap door.  


1. Firstly,  you will need to measure the size of your loft hatch opening (just like the diagram above).  This is the internal measurements (the hole).  The length is usually the longer of the 2 size measurements and the side a loft ladder will run parallel with (this gives you more space to climb the loft ladder, carry boxes etc).  The loft ladder is usually fixed to one of the width sides.

2.  Secondly, measure your floor to floor height.  For example, if your loft hatch is located on your landing, measure from the landing floor to the top of your loft hatch (where your loft joists or possibly loft flooring is).


3. Thirdly, check to see if there is enough room for a loft ladder to store away into your loft.  This will be on the side where you would like your loft ladder fixed.  Directly behind that side, a loft ladder will require a certain amount of length and height to tuck away into your loft.  All the required measurement are listed on our loft ladder details.       

 Above is an example diagram as to how to measure your floor to floor and loft ladder storage internal length and height requirements:  


*Please note, the Alufix concertina loft ladder requires ZERO storage space within your loft.  This is classed as a 'problem solving' loft ladder when a wall, water tank, timber structure etc is blocking the storage space for a more traditional type of loft ladder.       

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Hopefully, the above information has proved helpful for you but, if you have any further questions, simply give us a call, we are always happy to help.  

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