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Based in Gravesend, North-West Kent, the resting place of Princess Pocahontas, Loft Smart - Rapid Response Loft Ladders have been working hard throughout the beautiful county of Kent, supplying and installing loft ladders plus undertaking additional loft work for the last 2 decades.


No, we are NOT a franchise, we are a honest, local, family run loft ladder company.   Priding ourselves on our high standard of work, customer satisfaction and a local landline so you know exactly where you are telephoning, we provide a prompt, reliable, professional and friendly service with the minimum amount of disruption or expense.


With fully employed (yes, they are employed by us), expert fitters doing their utmost to make each and everyone of our customers extremely happy, we here at Loft Smart - Rapid Response Loft Ladders provide, not only incredible services, unbeatable prices but also a quality of work we are extremely proud of! 



And it doesn't stop there!...  Not only do we give our loft ladder fitters far more time than many of our rivals (well, if a job is worth doing, it is worth doing right), we also offer a Rapid Response loft ladder installing service, so you don't have to wait around forever to have your loft ladder installed and the whole process is as prompt, hassle-free and convenient for you as possible. 



All of our loft ladders include a FREE 10 years manufacturer's warranty.  A full demonstration is also included once your new loft ladder has been professionally fitted and all safety checks are completed.  Although there are many different brands of loft ladders, from our many years of experience, we believe the loft ladders we supply and fit are by far the best, safest, durable and most practical in their range on the market.   


FREE quotations, FREE upgrades, FREE price check and FREE expert advice is also something else that we here at Loft Smart - Rapid Response Loft Ladders pride ourselves on!  


All of our loft ladder fittings include a FREE upgraded hinge-down loft hatch trap-door (if required).  Not only do we use superior fixings for all of our bespoke doors, but rather than using cheap MDF (Medium-Densisty Fibreboard), all of our loft hatch doors are constructed from far superior plywood timber for a much better and safer job.    



Shop around and it won't take you long to see just how amazingly competitive our prices are!  We pride ourselves on not only offering an incredible all-round service but also having unbeatable low prices.  The prices you see are also the total prices you pay - there are no hidden extras here!  We also offer a FREE price checker, so you can see exactly how much money you can save!  


So, if it's just a quality loft ladder you require, or you need a repositioned loft hatch opening or maybe a grab rail too, simply give us here at Loft Smart - Rapid Response Loft Ladders a call and smile as we complete a job well done for you.  

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"Thank you for fitting mine and my sister's loft ladders on the same day.  We are both extremely happy and I finally have somewhere to store my suitcases."


Miss M. Whitehead (Gillingham)


Here at Loft Smart - Rapid Response Loft Ladders not only do we offer an incredible all round service at unbeatable prices but we also believe honesty is the best policy. Below is a list frequently asked questions...


Q.  How are Loft Smart - Rapid Response Loft Ladders so much lower than your competitors?

A.  The answer is quite simple.  'Word of mouth' is the best form of advertising - therefore, as we provide great satisfaction and make sure we do a job we can be proud of, we can dramatically reduce our advertising costs.  Also, communicating directly with our customers - rather than paying a third party - also helps.

Q.  Are there any hidden costs?

A.  No, the price you see are the price you pay - they are the all inclusive totals.  There are NO hidden costs.  Even if a job takes longer than expected or requires additional materials, the price always remains the same. 

Q.  How long will the work take?

A.  All of the loft ladders and extra loft work will undertake include a green 'clock symbol' and 'hours' in the information.  Obviously, the job takes as long as it takes to do it correctly but the 'clock symbol' is the average amount of time we would expect the work to take.  We also allow our fitters far more time to complete each job than many of our competitorss as we believe in making sure our work meets our high standards. 

Q.  Are you a franchise company?

A.  No, we are not a franchise company.  We are a Kent based family run loft ladder company. We don't sub-contract our work and we work as a friendly, fully-trained, professional, close knit team.


Q.  Will my home be left in a mess?

A.  No, we use dust sheets and we also use our trusty Henry vacuum cleaners to make sure your home is as clean (or sometimes cleaner) than when we arrived.  Also, being allowed more time than many to undertake a job means we aren't pressed for time and can take more care.

Q.  Are your loft ladder fitters insured?

A.  Yes, and as a golden rule it is always advised that any work a customer has done in their home is completed by a fully insured professional.

Q.  Do I have to pay extra if I don't have a hinge-down trap-door?

A.  No, all of our loft ladders include a FREE upgraded plywood hinge-down loft trap door.  The door will be a bespoke fit to your existing loft hatch and cut to fit at your property. 

Q.  Why do you use plywood for your doors when some companies use MDF?

A.  Plywood is a far more superior timber than MDF (Medium-Density Fibreboard).  MDF is a lot cheaper to purchase but one of our biggest concerns is health and safety.  By using plywood, we can achieve far better fixings to your new hinge-down trap door.  After all, you wouldn't want a MDF trap door falling on your head!


Q.  My existing loft hatch is plastic framed and the door pushes up into the loft, does that need to be changed?

A.  Yes, most loft hatches are constructed from timber and have timber framework but if you have plastic or metal framework and you don't already have an existing hinge-down loft trap door, then you would require a 'Reline'.  A 'Reline' is where we remove all the plastic or metal framework and re-construct it with timber.  The cost to reline your plastic or metal hatch is £45 all inclusive - this includes new timber architrave.   

Q.  Which loft ladder would you recommend?

A.  Our most popular and also lowest priced loft ladder is the Easiway 3 Section loft ladder.  In our opinion, this is by far the best loft ladder in it's range on the market.  As long as it fits, we say "save your money and go for this loft ladder all day long".  It is simply perfect for the job required and ticks all the boxes.

Q.  How and when do I make payment?

A.  Payment is made once the work is complete - we don't asked for any deposits beforehand. Payment can be made via cheque, cash or BACS (internet bank transfer).


Q.  I have a few questions, do I have to pay for your expert advice?

A.  No, absolutely not, just give us a call and we will happily answer them.  

Q.  And finally, do your loft ladder fitters drink tea?

A.  Yes please.  


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